Wednesday, 26 September 2007

These four walls

Given the precarious state of the music business it's almost hard to believe that Shawn Colvin has been making music for over 20 years, and not just putting out average albums with the occasional hyped 'comeback', but making a consistent body of work that builds on itself making each new album her best yet. With only 2 new albums in the last 11 years it's probably no surprise that she hasn't scaled the commercial heights she deserves, but this CD, her first for the new 'Nonesuch' label, is as good as anything she has done before. Working once again with producer/songwriter John Leventhal she once again delivers a stellar set of songs, melodic & finely crafted, yet lacking in any unnecessary flourishes, and as always her lyrics are able to tell stories of the ups and downs of life & relationships in fresh new ways. Highly recommended.

Featured album: These four walls, by Shawn Colvin

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