Thursday, 1 November 2007

Misery loves company

Are you feeling heartbroken, burnt out and miserable? Are you listening to far too much Coldplay? Is your self respect at rock bottom or did you just wake up this morning weeping uncontrollably (again) with the sad realisation that Miss Elizabeth or Mr Darcy are never going to call? Well never fear my despondent friends, join Neil and Craig this week for a Library radio show absolutely guaranteed to make you feel even worse! Following on from Craig and Neil's critically acclaimed underground metal radio show we invite you to tune in for a heart wrenching trip down Boo-Hoo Poor Me Boulevard. So grab your hankie and join us on Access Radio 4.30pm Saturday (783 AM) as we spin some of the most heartbreaking, melancholy, depressing and utterly miserable tunes imaginable. If nothing else you'll get to experience two blokes sobbing on air and that's got to cheer you up.

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